I'm a software engineer, information designer, and product lead, and I develop tools for the web.

I specialize in writing intuitive interfaces in React, but I've also deployed production backends, designed APIs, and configured infrastructure on AWS and Azure. As a team lead, I've built products through careful user research and design.

I currently work at Development Seed.


From January 2014 to present
Development Seed Senior Software Engineer/Product Lead Washington, DC
From October 2010 to January 2014
Chronicle of Philanthropy Graphics Journalist Washington, DC
From June to Sept, 2010
Audrey Web Production Intern Los Angeles, CA


  • Technical design leadership
  • User research, wireframing, and information design
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, and Bash programming environments
  • Web component rendering and MVC libraries e.g. React, Django
  • Client-side vector/GIS rendering libraries e.g. D3, Mapbox GL
  • REST concepts, API design and implementation, Postgres
  • Serverless infrastructure concepts and implementation in AWS, Azure

Recent Work

Washington Post Presidential Elections
  • Project lead, front-end build
  • Launched dynamic, compelling coverage to millions of newswatchers on election day 2016.
  • Oversaw development of data pipeline and API capable of handling enormous traffic spikes.
  • Built reusable, responsive visual components integrated seamlessly into
  • Leveraged and extended Mapbox GL JS to render custom projections and real-time data.
Red Cross GO
  • Project lead, infrastructure, front-end/back-end build
  • Launched platform to modernize data management practices at the largest humanitarian organization.
  • Designed and deployed cloud-native infrastructure architecture on Microsoft Azure.
  • Conducted extensive in-person user research to tailor front-end functionality.
Urban Change Explorer
  • Project lead, infrastructure, front-end build
  • Created an urban intelligence tool for city planners to track urban change using satellite data.
  • Developed map interface to evaluate change detection outputs against satellite and drone imagery.
  • Built extensible tippecanoe-based vector tile pipeline capable of fast, incremental processing.
  • Front-end/back-end build
  • Deployed OpenStreetMap (OSM) stack for collaborative road asset management in the Philippines.
  • Built and released Macrocosm, a Node.js port of the OSM Rails API v0.6.
Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWSNET)
  • Project lead
  • Consulted to improve code quality, documentation, and development infrastructure.
  • Implemented continuous integration, end-to-end integration test suite using cypress.
Cumulus Dashboard
  • Front-end build
  • Built the front-end interface to a cloud-native satellite imagery pipeline for NASA.
Obama Whitehouse Tweets


Public Appearances
  • I've spoken at a number of conferences, mostly relating to journalism, open data, and geospatial technology.
  • Most recently, I presented my work on tracking urban change at FOSS4G in Tanzania.
Lifestyle Choices
I live and work in San Francisco, CA.
I obtained a Bachelor's of Arts from UCLA in 2009. My grades were ok.